Can I collect CPP while I am still working?

Yes. You can apply for CPP as young as age 60. 

If you need the extra income, applying early may be the answer. If you are still working and managing your budget with what income you have available, then it probably makes sense to wait because the CPP amount you will receive will be less if you take it before age 65 and will not increase, even after you do turn 65.

CPP isn’t something that starts automatically, you must apply. You qualify for CPP if you’ve worked, made at least one payment to the Canada Pension Plan and are at least 60 years of age. If you receive CPP before age 65 and work you must also make a mandatory contribution to a PRB (Post Retirement Benefit). Starting at age 65, you can elect not to contribute to a PRB or stop current contributions. For more information visit Service Canada at


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