How do I fix a mistake on my credit report?

If there is an error on your credit report, fixing it should be of the utmost importance.  Lenders will often refuse credit even if it is clear an error has occurred on your credit report, and they will not entertain thoughts of issuing credit until the mistake is rectified. 

One of the best ways to catch a mistake before a potential creditor does is to order your credit report annually.  You can do this free of charge by contacting both credit bureaus in Canada: Equifax and Trans Union.

To fix an error on your credit report, both credit bureaus provide a form to complete and send back to them.  When completing this form, be as specific as possible.

Should your dispute be valid, the information on your credit report will be changed accordingly.  If the original information provided to the credit bureau is found to be accurate, no changes will be made. 


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