Create A FreshStart Workbook

All those considering bankruptcy or a proposal are asked to fill in a FreshStart workbook. The FreshStart workbook provides us with the basic information that we need to review your situation and provide you with advice. You can start right now by filling out our FreshStart Workbook at no cost. Once you do we’ll call you to review your workbook and your options!

We treat all information we receive in accordance with our Privacy Policy. We use the information you provide in order to assess your situation and provide you with advice regarding your options. In the event you choose to file with us, we use the information to administer your file. If we do not hear from you for six months we destroy that information.

Option 1: Short Workbook

Complete our short online form in just a few minutes and provide the remaining information to us in a meeting.

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Option 2: Detailed Workbook

Complete our more detailed online form and save time later. Sign up below to get started.

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